A Mariannhill Poet Features Amongst the Best

Mauricio Langa

A St Francis College learner has done the school proud after her first poem was published in the Sol Plaatje European Union Poetry Anthology recently.

Young poet features amongst the best

A smiling Grade 11 learner, Sandisile Tshabalala, displaying the poetry anthology where her poem features.

Ecstatic Sandisile Tshabalala (17), the author of a poem titled “Raping Nation”, said that when she was still in Primary school, a grade 3 learner was raped by an employee at the she remembers still very vividly, the trauma that everyone experienced. She added that the plight of what is going on in our society, where young girls and old women alike are victims of rape, have motivated her to write the poem.

Sandisile said she had not expected that her poem would be chosen for publication, in that the competition was of a high standard, and there were many poets who had entered the competition.

Sandisile said she could not hide her excitement when she got the news that her poem had been published. “I was extremely thrilled with the news, knowing that my poem featured amongst the best selected”.

She said the publication of her poem encourages her to write more and that she is currently writing short stories about teen love.

Meanwhile, school principal Mr Jabulani Nzama commended the efforts of the learner. “It is a very interesting poem, and will encourage other learners to think constructively,” he said.

Read Sandisiles’s poem below:

The Raping Nation

How could the silent be so loud?

Why is this darkness not bright enough?

Why are cries not heard?

In shards our words lie at our feet

We are living in a raping nation.

Date rape, mate rape, child rape

And there is no escape

From this violent rape

The African women cry

And the little children die.


Why are the cries not heard?

HIV is seeping and creeping everywhere

Please bother yourself and care.

There is no comprehension

Of these demonstrations

We need some explanations

Young girls losing their virginities

Children growing up not knowing their daddies

They are worried about their morals, values and principles

But really don’t care about the women’s future

The African men don’t know their responsibilities

And the women have lost their integrity.

Now who must we blame?

The women with short skirts

Or the men who don’t have self-control?


We are living in a raping nation

Why are our cries not heard?