A market day with difference: A day to remember

A market day with difference: A day to remember

If you thought that the school principal and her team of educators would not change their formal attire into school uniform you better think again. This unprecedented move was part of the Fundraising initiative organised by Grades 12 and 8 this week.

As educators began trickling into the school premises for their daily routine, it was not without the learners’ attention as they stood watchfully to see which teachers were impersonating learners. This was accompanied by shouts of joy and great excitement as educators dressed as learners, made their way through to the classrooms. The day began on a high note to the amusement of learners as many shouted “it is indeed a day to remember”.

The second part of the day was the actual market day. The school was abuzz with market activities and both leaners and educators alike were spoiled for choice. Different ‘stalls’ had various items on offer for all.

The climax of the day was the educators’ role play in which teachers played the role of learners in a class that was impossible to teach. As the Zulu teacher, Mr Bwanali, attempted to start with his planned lesson, he was faced with various challenges from the learners: late coming to class, excuse for not having done homework, constant requests to either go to the bathroom or to drink water and even squabbles amongst leaners during the lesson.

All these rendered it impossible for Mr Bwanali to deliver his lesson as he spent most of his time pleading with the learners to pay attention. Continuous hoots and laughter came from both learners and educators, throughout the role play. However, as amusing as the teachers’ lesson was, its moral was not lost on the learners; that what they do in class is not only detrimental to the teachers who hardly get to teach but also for the learners who end up not having learnt anything due to their misconduct and unnecessary disturbances in class.

Apart from the role-play the entertainment session of the market day was also characterised by various stage performances from grades 8 and 12. Well done for a well prepared and executed market day.

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