School to build meaningful relationships with its alumni

ST FRANCIS’ COLLEGE is set to host a significant breakfast gathering with its Alumni come 18th August this year. The event will take place at school’s Main Hall.

Mr Jabulani Nzama, the principal of St Francis’ College, said the breakfast gathering is aimed at bringing together the alumni, not only to share their rich experiences and memories, but also seeking to establish and maintain relationships with alumni within the country, so that in the future the school can benefit from any possible assistance that they can provide.  “The school is privileged to have a number of former learners who are working or occupying positions of influence in our society,” said Mr Nzama.

The school envisages hosting a successful alumni breakfast gathering. For this reason, we use past learners even now  to contact any friends or relatives who are graduates of the school and have not received any correspondence from St Francis’ College.

On a positive note, Mr Nzama said that some former alumni have over the years maintained a close relationship with St Francis’ College, and that they have assisted the school in various ways. Notably, the class of 1979 has in the recent past played a vital role in sponsoring the school matric trips to the Kruger National Park. Among other things, “it is important to note that the trips were coordinated by Dr Bandile Mkhize, who was the head of the Kruger National Park at the time,” said Mr Nzama.

Also, from the class of 1979, Mr. Mbuso Dlamini has hosted matric classes for several years at McDonalds, to the great delight of all those learners.

On a similar note, a group of alumni who are currently studying in different tertiary institutions, and many who have completed, visited St Francis’ College to motivate the grade 12 learners, as well as give clarity on achieving success at the tertiary level.

St Francis’ College and the Management Team look forward to interacting and meeting with alumni during the Breakfast Gathering and welcome suggestions that will further promote the image and success of the of the school.

For catering purposes, the school requests a little contribution of R200 per person.

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For more information on this upcoming event, please contact the school on: 031 700 2824.