Eagerly awaiting for the matric results

The end of the Matric examinations and the departure of the matriculants on 26 November 2014, marked the end of our school year as educators are now left alone to carry out all the tasks related to the completion of the internal examinations. Grades 8 to 11 reports were issued at school from 10 to 12 December, but we all will be waiting anxiously for the 5th January 2015, when the matric results will be issued.
Each matriculation is a journey, and we have travelled this one with the class of 2014 as we have done with many others before them. We can only hope that all the life-lessons that they have received here at school, will now stand them in good stead in the inevitable life challenges they will face.
2014 has been, in many ways a rewarding, though challenging year. Many a time, the learners have surprised, challenged or gratified us – when we witnessed instances of growth, humanity, humour and old-fashioned goodness in their day to day life experiences. It is such learners that we miss even as we go away for our holidays, and that as make all our endeavours worthwhile.