Funds urgently needed for Mariannhill school bus

Mauricio Langa

In spite of its outstanding academic achievement over the years, St Francis College in Mariannhill has been faced with the great challenge of lack of school transportation to ferry pupils on essential educational trips.

For years now the school has been relying on a fourteen seater minibus that has proven to be ineffective since only a handful of pupils benefit from the educational trips organised by the school while the majority of the pupils remain behind. There is an urgent need for a commodious – 23 seater – school bus for the school to continue provide a holistic education to learners.

On this note, the school appeals to all well-wishers and donors to generously support the school towards the purchase of a 23 seater school bus. School principal, Mr Jabulani Nzama, said the school bus is an urgent matter. “Every year the school takes learners to obtain career information in different institutions. Such trips are important as they help them to get the necessary information directly from universities.”

The principal said every year the grade 12s in his school also attended various workshops which are organised by the subject advisors.

Again every year, our school organises excursions for all the grades. Learners thus need to be transported to different venues such as Inkosi Albert Luthuli Museum, Phezulu Reserve Game (Hillcrest) and Hluhluwe Game Reserve. “All these are educational excursions,” said Mr Nzama. He added that the school is always obliged to pay thousands of rands in transport costs. Were the school to have its own bus, this money could be better used in meeting some of the other needs that exist.

Furthermore, Mr Nzama said there are also many learners who participate in various sporting codes. He added that “the 23 seater bus would help the school great deal in playing against some of local schools, in that the bus would make it possible for the majority of learners to take part in different sporting codes”.

Those who wish to contribute towards the purchase of the 23 seater school bus are encouraged to deposit the money in the school fundraising account: Ned bank Acc: 1339415801.  Or Telephone: 031 7002824 and Fax no: 031 7003349.