Mathematics made easy

Mathematics made easy

Ntsika Shezi

During the first term of this academic year, the school leadership took an initiative to organise a Mathematics Workshop for all grades. The initiative was aimed at encouraging learners not to fear the subject of mathematics but rather embrace it since it is not as difficult as many claim it is. The workshop was facilitated by Dr Msizi Mkhize who is a lecturer at the University of KwaZulu Natal (UKZN).

The workshop which was held at the school main Hall was divided into two groups in order to accommodate every learner. The first group comprised mainly of Grades 8 and 9 learners, while the second group was made up of Grades 10 to 12 learners.

Dr Msizi Mkhize is an ingenious mathematician who acknowledged that South Africa is one of the poorest countries when it comes to mathematics. However, he does not consider this as an impasse but instead as a drive to motivate learners to acquire skills to overcome the myth that mathematics is insurmountable.

The workshop was so informative and helpful as learners were taught many new methods and skills. For instance, they were taught how to multiply using their fingers. Also, how to do quick mathematics without using a pen, a paper or a calculator. Furthermore, learners were taught how to calculate the days of the month just by using their hand knuckles.

On a positive note, many learners disliked or feared mathematics but after their encounter with the maths wizard by the name of Dr Mkhize, mathematics has now become one of much sought subjects. Therefore, we urge parents and guardians to encourage their children to love and embrace the subject of Mathematics.

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