There was an atmosphere of jubilation and excitement among both educators and learners as St Francis College-Mariannhill attained a 100% pass rate once again. The matric class of 2020 did not only attain a 100% pass rate but also accomplished an impressive performance, collectively achieving 96 Distinctions, 63 Bachelors 13 Diplomas and 1 Higher Certificate , even in the face of COVID 19 Pandemic.

According to the school Principal, Ms N. M. Njapha, the school’s vision for the 2021 matric class is to continue working hard thus improving the quality pass rate. Moreover, the school is projecting to at most obtain 95% bachelors, 5% diplomas and 0% higher certificates. The principal added that the school is committed to nothing else but “quality” and “excellence”, which is driven by the school’s vision of “… upholding a legacy of excellence through holistic education….” Despite the global pandemic, 2019, which proved to be the most difficult year in the history the school, “Our 2020 matric results are a reflection of our commitment to industriousness at all times”, said Ms Njapha.

The school’s secret for success, is enshrined in the motto “Ora et Labora” which means pray and work. This Benedictine motto has always been the galvanising force for the school, since the time of the pioneers or founding fathers of the school who steadfastly believed in prayer and work. “I believe in selfless service, knowing that teaching in a Catholic school is more of a vocation than an ordinary job” said the principal. Furthermore, the school’s secret for success is rooted in the commitment to servant leadership, and being available at all times to support the educators and learners even in the face of the COVID 19 Pandemic. “Pulling together has worked wonders”, said the principal. She concluded by thanking the teaching staff, learners and the support staff for hoisting the school’s flag high.

Meanwhile, the school DUX, Success Sithole, who obtained 8 distinctions could not hide her emotions and said that she was excited and proud to be associated with St Francis College. “I am very happy about my achievement and the school performance in the national examinations. We worked hard and a big thank you to our educators who motivated us throughout the year” said Sithole.


Success Sithole, flanked by the School Principal, Ms N.M Njapha and the School Rector, Fr N. Mchunu

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