School tackles Bullying

School tackles Bullying

Nikilitha Mxinwa

The escalation of bullying in our school has not gone unnoticed. This unacceptable behaviour has been occurring for some time now, whereas it is the older pupil who will bully the juvenile.

By obstructing the happiness of the others, either by hurting them physically, emotionally or spiritually, then you are a potential bully. Bullying, also known as ‘forced respect’, is the intimidation of one person by another person and is evoked by the desire for respect, popularity, power and obedience. A common form of bullying christened ‘shizil-ment’ by fellow learners and most familiar amongst them has invaded the corridors and grounds of the school. In this form of bullying learners are deprived of their belongings or have them violated by others.

sa-no-to-bullying-01It was in one weekly assembly where an educator, Ms Khathi and a group of learners she had assembled, delivered a presentation regarding bullying. They had raised awareness of this struggle and crisis to everyone, from the staff members to the fellow learners. The principal also spoke about this issue, reproaching bullies quoting “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” It seems leaners have failed to notice the significance of the school’s approach as some cases have been reported and learners have lost their chance of education because of misconduct and reckless decision-making.

The school has made a mission to not repose until this issue and others similar to it have been resolved, by appointing social workers, disciplinary committees, learner support groups and also by continuously addressing this issue until the reprobates repent and change for the best. We also urge parents/guardians to once again go over the school’s code of conduct regarding bullying, as we do not want your child to be surprised when circumstances tempt, and leave the school no choice but to expel your child.

In conclusion “silence can be the most powerful weapon against a lot of things but it is not one that can be used against bullies. Speak out!”

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