St Francis College continues to be a centre of excellence.

St Francis College – Mariannhill has again demonstrated that it is one of South Africa’s centres of excellence in teaching.

The school did not only get a 100 % matric pass rate last year, but also presented a huge number of matriculants who got bachelor passes which allowed them entry to universities. Of 108 learners who sat for examinations, 98 got bachelor pass while 10 got diploma pass.

Also notable in the class of 2012 was the significant growth in the number of distinctions, another clear indication that St Francis College is serious about producing high quality results. The school attained a whopping 221 distinctions last year.

“There was a higher improvement in the number of distinctions. The pass rate is of more quality than the previous years in terms of number of distinctions, said St Francis College Principal, Mr Jabulani Nzama. He added that a learner in accounting got a 100% and that this has happened in two consecutive years.

“It is an indication that when dedication comes from both learners and educators something extraordinary can happen,” he said.

Although St Francis College has in the past 30 years been producing excellent matric results but there is no doubt that the class of 2012 did extremely well and even better than the previous classes in the past few years.

The last year’s outstanding matric pass rate did not come as surprise. It was as a result of extensive planning and dedication from teachers, parents, pupils and all other stakeholders, said Mr Nzama.

“We always aim high. We don’t have sleepless nights when waiting for the matric results because we dedicate all our time to teaching our learners throughout the year. We teach and teach and teach,” he said.

The School principal also commended the efforts made by the school’s alumni, saying that their efforts had paid dividends.

“For the results I thank also the alumni who motivated the last matriculants in various fields. Our learners went to the examination with a clear vision of the future,” said the principal.