St Francis College does it again

Mauricio Langa

THE St Francis College’s matric class of 2013 has done it again when it scooped a 100% pass rate. This is an indication that the institution is one of top achievers in the field of education.

Compared to the class of 2012 that had significantly improved in the number of distinctions, the 2013 class was equally of quality considering the fact that out of 92 learners who sat for their examinations 90 obtained bachelor passes and only two attained diploma passes. Such statistics reflect an outstanding achievement from the class of 2013. This is evidenced by the fact that the number of distinctions attained per subject is 103.

School principal Mr Jabulani Nzama, who could not hide his excitement and jubilation, said the learners did work very hard and they did the school proud. He also said that the matric results reflect the unwavering effort of all the educators at school.

“We will continue working hard in order to maintain and try to improve further the standard that we have set for ourselves over the years”, said Mr Nzama. He also said that, it was especially heartening that in all subjects, including additional mathematics, they managed to obtain distinctions”, said Nzama. He added that nine learners each obtained 80 plus in aggregate.

Friends and supporters of the school, especially alumni and educators who formerly served at the school, can justly be gratified to know that their support contributes to this continued success.