St Francis College Scores 98 Percent After Decades of 100 Percent Pass Record

Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 11.25.26 AMSt Francis Management has vowed to ensure that the school returns to its old glory of getting 100 percent pass rate. According to the matric results released this week, St Francis College scored 98 percent after two pupils failed breaking the 100 percent pass rate record which begun more than 60 years ago.

Speaking after the results were released school Principal Mr Jabulani Nzama said for the 2014 National Senior Certificate (NCS) examinations 86 learners wrote their examinations, from this number 84 passed and two failed. Based on the final analysis from the number of the learners who passed 66 (78%) obtained bachelor pass that gives them entrance to the university and 16 (19%) obtained diploma pass whereas 2 (2%) learners obtained a certificate pass.

Mr Nzama said despite of the school not achieving the record of 100% pass rate that is known for the school did well as far as results are concerned, and that this is a sign of hard word by the learners and the commendable effort put by the educators.

According to the school principal, the only reason the two learners failed is linked to the subject choice that their parents made for them, adding that in spite of being advised to consider other subject combinations the parents still insisted on mathematics and physical science.

“Parents must listen what the school says regarding their children’s performance in particular learning areas or subjects and avoid forcing children to subjects that are not comfortable with,” he said, adding that “we must make sure that we go back to 100% pass rate that we are know of, and this can only be achieved through hard work by both learners and educators”.