Educators and support staff of St Francis College-Mariannhill, were acknowledged and awarded certificates of excellence for their hard work, which has seen the institution cementing its position as one of the top achievers in South Africa. Certificates of excellence were awarded during a luncheon organised by the school management and sponsored by the School Rector, Fr Mlaba recently.

Speaking to the staff and guests present in the School Hall, Ms N. M. Njapha, the school Principal, said the event was aimed at celebrating the work and success that the school achieved in the 2020 National Senior Certificate (NSC) examinations. She highlighted that the 2020 matric class did not only work hard, but they also left an indelible mark particularly in the face of the global pandemic, which had brought extremely difficult challenges for both learners and educators.

“This is the day to celebrate our work and achievements”, said Ms Njapha, adding that the school’s success over the years is rooted in its motto Ora et Labora, which means pray and work. The principal further explained that the school’s success is anchored in its collective effort of hard work. “The school motto pushes us forward, hence the 100% pass rate that the 2020 matric class achieved”, said Ms Njapha. Echoing the words of her former rector, the Principal told the delighted staff present in the hall that “no man has ever drowned in his own sweat” but we need to have strength and resilience in all our endevours. Now the pressure and responsibility to emulate the impressive results of the 2020 matric class is in the hands of the current matric class.

Staff members commended the school management for organising the event saying that they were delighted for the acknowledgement of their commitment and dedication to provide a holistic education to the learners.

“For me the celebration was uplifting and encouraging at the same time, knowing that one’s work does not go unnoticed”, said the School Social Worker, Sr Valentine Dladla. She added that with the global pandemic learners at first were stressed but their stress and anxiety faded away as the school engaged them on COVID 19 related matters, which allowed them to refocus and shine.

According to Ms S. A. Ngcobo the school was celebrating its work of excellence which is visible for everyone to see on a daily basis from the school gate to the classrooms. “It is unfortunate that the learners who are the reason for us to celebrate today are not with us”, said Ms Ngcobo. For us educators celebrating in their absence gives us hope that wherever they are, the school’s teaching is ever displayed through their actions and morals,” added Ms Ngcobo.

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