The Black Gold

The Black Gold

Nokulunga Majozi

They’ve tried everything to change me

They’ve tried everything to hide me

They’ve tried everything to run away from me

For I am who they are


They are ashamed of me

They look down on me

They never see the best in me

But always look for the worst


Oh, how I wish your great grandfathers

Were still alive

Oh, how they use to keep me high

How they us to

Talk the talk

Walk the walk

Fight the fight and,

Be the best that they could be.

Without looking down on me

For they knew that

I am who they are


But you!!! Born frees

Don’t seem to understand how precious you are.

But don’t worry I understand

That you don’t know the real world



You’ve never talked the real talk

You’ve never walked the real walk

And you’ve definitely

Never fought the real fight.


You try everything to lighten me

Because you don’t realize the beauty I bring

You try everything to remove me

Because you think

I don’t make you feel good enough .


When are you going to accept and appreciate

That this is who you are

No colour is greater than me

No colour can replace me

For I am greater than any other colour

I am after all the GOLDEN BLACK


So to you born frees

I say black is beautiful ,

Appreciate black ,

Because is who you are

And black is what makes

Even more beautiful

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