A special day to honour outstanding achievers

Ever since its inception, prize-giving day always unites the family of St Francis College in a fulfilling, memorable event. This year was no exception as learners especially, waited for Saturday 6 September with eager anticipation. Preparations in the week before had indicated, for the newcomers, the importance with which this day is held.
The arrival of the Bishop of Mariannhill, parents, members of the Board of Governors and all guests, ensured that proceedings in the main hall started on tine. For the learners who received prizes for outstanding performance, we can only imagine how they felt to receive their certificates from the hands of the Bishop, in a hall full of parents and their peers. During the final week of preparations, the whole school buzzes with excitement as prize-winners are called to the hall practice. The excitement rises to the fever pitch as they speculate, about the categories and prizes.

The rest of the proceedings were characterized various entertainment items, time spent with parents for the learners, lunch with educators for the Bishop, is now a time-honoured tradition for the school. it is time well spent in building communication and understanding, renewing the well-spring of the life of the school.