We aim:

  • To offer all learners a holistic education based on Christian principles and the tradition of the Catholic Church.
  • To provide a disciplined and structured environment for effective teaching and learning so that all learners may realise their human and academic potential.
  • To educate the whole person, to empower him / her to find a place in society, and make a contribution to meet the demands of the modern world as a responsible, principled Christian citizen.

Thus we strive for a Catholic Community where:

  • Christian Values are lived out by the educators and learners, where all are valued and respected.
  • Personal growth and the exercise of reasonable freedom and initiative are encouraged.
  • There is self-discipline and acceptance of personal responsibility for others.
  • Learners are imbued with a culture of protection, nurturing and enhancement of the environment, now and for future generations.
  • The expectation of achievement is always high.
  • Development of educators and non-educators is always given high priority.
  • Learning and teaching reflect a high level of organisational expertise.