A new way of life at St Francis College

A new way of life at St Francis College

Ms Khathi

This 2018 year started with lots of changes and assemblies are one of these. Every Tuesday, it is with great anticipation that we all line up outside the main Hall, waiting for the assembly to commence. Tuesdays have become exciting days at St Francis, where information is imparted, moral lessons shared and various activities performed.

Like any change initiative, it has not been easy to adapt to this new status quo. Late coming, noise during line up and general chaos characterized the early days of our assembly sessions. Being unrelenting and passionate about the school and its legacy of excellence and discipline, our principal Miss Njapha managed this change process effectively. She continued to reiterate the vision of the school, the values and expected behaviors, tirelessly.

Slowly, assemblies have become ‘a new way of life’ at St Francis, a platform through which we share our successes and inspire one another. Teachers take turns in inspiring learners through scripture passages, moral stories and general study tips. Learners are excited also to take the platform to share knowledge and experiences with their peers and present different items during the assembly.

It is during assemblies that we all learn more about Catholic dogma. Father Xulu has a special slot in which he enlightens us on all things Catholic, such as beliefs, practices and teachings of the Catholic Church.

With our school choir leading us in song, in their angelic voices, Tuesdays will never be the same at St Francis College.

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