Applications for 2024


  1. Applicants who have submitted completed Application Forms will follow the process outlined below:
  • Written interview for Grade 8 and 9 of 2024

Tests in English, IsiZulu and Mathematics on 29th July 2023, at 8H00-11H00, at the School.


  • Written interview for Grade 10 of 2024

Tests in English, IsiZulu, Mathematics, Natural Science and Economic & Management Sciences (EMS) on 29th July 2023, 8H00-11H00, at the School.


  1. Late applications.

Parents and Guardians may submit late applications for 2024, from 12th June 2023 to 16 August 2023.

  • Forms may be downloaded from the website, requested for emailing by calling the School on 031 700 2824 or collecting them personally from school.
  • Written interview for late applications will be conducted on 19th August 2023, at 8H00-11H00 at the School.

See information for 29th July 2023, for subjects tested in the written interview.




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    In the case of separation /divorce:
    Which parent does the child permanently reside with? Mother :

    Which parent has legal custody if separated/divorced?:

    Is there right of access by the other parent if separated or divorced? :

    If no right of access by one parent – please give details:




    I/WE (full names – please print): the parent/s of (full names –please print)

    hereby declare that the information and documents submitted in this application are true and correct.
    I/We undertake:
    • to furnish certified copies of original, authentic documents as required.
    • to inform the school in writing of any change of address or telephone number.
    • to ensure that my child attends school regularly and notify the school in writing ortelephonically should my child be absent from
    school, stating the reason for absence.
    • to ensure that my child complies with the school’s Code of Conduct to respect the tradition and character of the school.
    • to ensure that my child attends organised school activities.
    • to ensure that the application form is complete. Incomplete forms will not be considered. If any information is fraudulent the
    application will be refused.
    • to pay the school fees as set by the Board of Governors of the school.
    • to pay all costs incurred for damage done or losses caused by my child to any school property.
    I/We agree that the Principal or his designates may act in loco parentis in the event of any injury, accident or incident in which my child may be involved. By signing below, I/We understand that the above declaration is binding on me/us for this application.

    Witnesses (to be provided by the parent)

    I/We, (full names – please print)

    ID Numbers
    : the undersigned, do hereby confirm that I/We accept responsibility as PARENT/S as defined in terms of the broader definition of parent in Section 1 of the SA Schools Act No. 84 of 1996 (the Act). This in terms of the education provided/to be provided by Mariannhill Secondary Independent School to: (Learner details) And specifically undertake to be responsible for the school fees of the said learner as set by the school, the details of which I acknowledge the school has advised me on.
    I accept the above address as my chosen domilicium for service of all notices and legal documents unless I notify the school in writing of my change of address. I authorise the school to do credit bureaux searches on me and in the event of any school fees due by me not being paid, I authorise the school to inform any relevant credit bureau and have my name listed with them.