Youth Peace Forum

Ntandoyenkosi Zungu & Mayenziwe Gumede The Youth Peace Forum is a group of learners who work hand in hand to promote peace and reduce poverty. They attend four workshops every year which are held at the Methodist Church in Durban to meet other Youth Peace Forum groups from different schools. They study about the importance […]

School soccer team flying the St Francis flag high

“IT IS NOT OVER UNTIL WE WIN” is the motto of the school’s soccer team that they draw inspiration and determination in their sporting activities. The year 2017 was an iconic year for St Francis Football team. The team was given the chance to showcase its talent at the inaugural Motshepe Foundation Schools Tournament which […]

School tackles Bullying

Nikilitha Mxinwa The escalation of bullying in our school has not gone unnoticed. This unacceptable behaviour has been occurring for some time now, whereas it is the older pupil who will bully the juvenile. By obstructing the happiness of the others, either by hurting them physically, emotionally or spiritually, then you are a potential bully. […]

St Francis College says no to substance abuse

Mhlengi Luthuli St Francis College has dealt with an emerging culture of substance abuse within its premises at the course of last year. This unprecedented culture of substance abuse led to the poor academic performance of all those who were involved in such horrible deeds. Last year, the culture of substance abuse was rife at […]

Quinquennial anniversary of Passbook Competition

Nothando Ximba This year celebrate 5 years since the launch of Passbook Competition in 2013. Since its inception, many learners from the school have attended the annual competition which encourages learners to make use of the local museums as well as to realise how important history is in one’s life and society at large. That […]